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The success of a business and the assurance of complying with all the statutory regulatory requirements is the aim of every business owner. Audit & Assurance Services therefore play an important role in providing business operators and other stakeholders with the peace of mind that all compliance issues are being met.
Our audit approach, at the leading edge of the best practice, is tailored to suit the size and nature of your organisation. Drawing upon our extensive industry knowledge, we help our clients to respond to the need for greater transparency, improve upon corporate governance practices and put in place business models based on the principles of sustainability.

Audit Services We Offer

The Audits we provide at Bentum Bentil Consult plays a vital role in reducing both the regulatory and financial risks faced by businesses. They help to ensure compliance and can identify a range of problems that might not otherwise come to light.
We provide services to a range of entities including:
Public Companies, Private Companies, Professional Service Providers, Non-Profits and Religious Organisations, SME's among others. Our personnel at Bentum Bentil Consult have years of experience providing customised auditing services, including
With the help of an audit team of qualified and skilled personnel we are able to deliver a wide range of audit and assurance services to businesses in Ghana.

Statutory Audits

We help make your company's financial statements in compliance with the law and as per the approved accounting standards and ensure they are valid to avoid any kind of discrepancies and misrepresentations.

Internal Audit & Assurance

Not only do we establish compliance measurement but also provide important information on better execution of roles and responsibilities to enhance efficiency and protect the organization against risk

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