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Bentum Bentil Consult offers a wide variety of tax services to ensure all your needs are met. In addition to corporate and individual tax preparations, we offer tax advice and tax planning year-round, making you fully prepared heading into the next filing season. Working with a qualified expert gives you access to creative tax planning strategies and accurate tax return preparation, minimizing the risk of overpaying on your tax bill. Among the services we offer include:
  • Individual Tax Preparations
  • Corporate Tax Preparations
  • Tax Advice
  • Tax Panning

As a tax accounting firm with various tax experts, we are your trusted expert for filing your return. We can help you take credits and deductions available to reduce your tax burden. In addition, we deal with complex tax issues and much more.

Being a business owner opens the door to many benefits; however, you are required to file a business return each year. Getting everything together to properly file your corporate taxes can be a burden, not to mention actually filing the return can be overwhelming. You can rest assured that everything is handled properly and efficiently when you have Bentum Bentil Consulting working alongside you.

Tax is never an easy topic to fully understand, which is where tax advice from Bentum Bentil Consulting comes in. We can give you qualified tax advice that is in compliance with regulatory agencies to help you make more informed business and personal decisions. From acquiring another company to succession planning, Bentum Bentil Consulting can serve as your qualified tax consultant.

Tax planning is required for some individuals and businesses that need to make estimated tax payments throughout the year. In these cases, Bentum Bentil Consult can put together a tax plan, giving you concrete information on what to pay in each quarter. Even if you aren’t subject to estimated tax payment requirements, you can see benefits from tax planning before year-end. Effective tax planning strategies only reduce your tax bill if they are implemented before year-end, making it important to contact Bentil Bentum Consult before the next tax filing season.

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